Tuesday, April 5th, 2022: 3D Community News 

Logan Sprangers - Realistic animated 32-Bit foam material

Logan Sprangers has recently shared a very useful pack of assets called: ”Realistic Animated Foam Material”. This pack is useful for the creation of a wide variety of things like ocean suds, beer foam, soap, latte froth, carbonated beverages, boiling liquids, and alien abstract materials.

Items Included in the Pack:

  • Fully 4K animated displacement maps.
  • 3 different speeds (slow, medium, and fast).
  • Each sequence is 1000 frames.
  • Seamless tillable textures.
  • 32-Bit EXR format.
  • 4 Cinema4D example scenes with octane shaders (Floating Foam Volume, Floating Surface Bubbles, Beer Foam and Latte Froth).

The pack can be used with any 3D package and renderer unless it supports displacements, such as (3DS Max, Maya, Blender).

You can get the ”Realistic Animated Foam Material /  Marmoset Toolbag“ for 6 USD.

Logan also shared this tutorial below explaining how to utilize this pack in cinema 4D and octane renderer.


Logan Sprangers, a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Los Angeles, is working in the film and television industry. His artworks cover a wide range of mediums. He has a great knowledge of fine art, motion design, photography, and music composition.