Tuesday, April 19th, 2022: 3D Community News

JangaFX - Creating a tornado effect with EmberGen

JangaFX has recently shared a video tutorial, by its founder Nicholas Seavert, explaining how to quickly create a tornado from scratch using EmberGen, a Real-Time volumetric simulation tool for games and films.

Some of the key points he covers in this useful tutorial:

  • Simple introduction.
  • Line Force Settings. Creating a force field around a line.
  • Emitter node. Setting its parameters to add variation.
  • Simulation Node Settings. Blocking Z celling and z Ground to achieve a better result.
  • Shape Node Settings. Adding noise.
  • Adjusting Sim Bounds. Setting up the height in the sim tab.
  • Procedural Rotation of Emitter. Adding cycle node to create rotation.
  • Vorticity Settings. Adding rotation vorticity & variation with more details.
  • Additional Forces. Applying force noise to give extra variation.
  • Testing different types of emitters and values to reach the desired result.
  • Adjusting Shading. Applying some shading techniques to give a more believable look.
  • Extra bonus. An extra handy tip to achieve a larger realistic tornado effect.

You can get EmberGen with a monthly ($19.99) or yearly ($199.99) subscription for a limited time.
To learn more about pricing click HERE!

Enjoy watching this less than 8-minutes quick tutorial below:


JangaFX was founded in 2016 by Nicholas Seavert, an entrepreneur who is well versed in both startups and real-time VFX. Their key motive is to develop real-time VFX tools for artists and designers in the field of film and game production.