Tuesday, March 15th, 2022: 3D Community News 

Outpost - VFX breakdown for The Wheel of Time series

ArchvizTools has recently shared, with the ArchViz community, a very handy tool for creating backdrops for exterior shots, called: ”Backdrop Generator v1.0

It uses the same idea behind its predecessor ”Dappled Light Generator v1.0” which allows an easy way to create a Dappled Light or Gobo effect.

Some of the Features this tool can do:

  • Ready to use presets. 15 ready-to-use backdrops (cityscape, landscape, countryside).
  • Editable control radius, height, U Tiling, and rotation.
  • Cast shadow or not. It can activate cast shadows and invert the tiles.
  • Custom maps. Use your custom images with their masks to create custom backdrops.
  • Compatible with V-ray, Corona, and FStorm renderer.

We encourage you to visit ArchvizTools, as they have a large collection of must-have tools.

You can get Backdrop Generator v1.0 for only $15.

Enjoy watching this 2-minutes demo video for this tool and explore its capabilities.


ArchvizTools was founded by Wuan Hyu who is a Vietnamese architect / CG artist and founder of CGTricks. He has a great passion for creating useful tools & scripts that make our lives easier.