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Miauu - Statistica 1.0 Script For3ds Max

Statistica has recently released a new script for 3ds Max that provides detailed information about your scene and selected objects!

Statistica offers four customizable sections showing object count, material types, and size. It can also display sub-object information like vertex and face count for editable objects. Statistica allows for color customization and can be shown in a box with adjustable opacity.

Selected object statistics:

  • Name of the currently selected object or the count of selected objects.
  • Layer in which the selected object is located.
  • Name and class of the material(if any) applied to the selected object.
  • Count of textures applied to the selected object.
  • Count of modifiers applied to the selected object. If only 1 modifier is used, its class will be shown.
  • Object Id(G-buffer).
  • Size of the selected object.

Scene statistics include selected and total amount of:

  • All objects.
  • Geometry objects.
  • Shapes.
  • Lights.
  • Cameras.
  • Helpers.

 Sub-object statistics include:

  • Count the selected amount of verts, edges, faces, elements, segments, and splines for Editable Poly, Editable Mesh, Shapes(when data is available) objects, Edit Poly, and Edit Mesh modifiers.
  • When a Camera is selected, its FOV and Focal Length values will be shown.

    Position, Rotation, and Scale statistics(PRS Info) will be shown when you move, rotate, or scale selected object(s) or sub-objects. This can be very convenient when you have a large monitor. Instead of watching the status bar on the lower side of your screen while you move/rotate/scale your object(sub-objects), you will see this information next to your mouse cursor.

    Two fonts with adjustable sizes can be used to display the statistics.

Check out the video presentation below:

You can find more information on Miauus' official website.

Miauu is a freelance 3d artist aiming to create max scripts and tools. Visit his webpage and support him!

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