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3D Community News | Martedì, 23 Aprile 2024
CommonPoint - Lesson 18 - Volumetrics II - Painting with Fog

CommonPoint just released another free lesson from their 3D Exterior Lighting Masterclass, showcasing volumetrics and painting with fog techniques. Enjoy!

Volumetrics can give you lots of creative freedom, which we take advantage of in this scenario. We paint the image with fog, render a few specific passes, and leave the heavy lifting to postproduction. For the first time, we change the focus of the image from architecture to something elseF.

00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:20 - Practice
00:32:29 - Post-Production

In this scenario, we used PG Skies 7:20, but any nighttime PG Skies or 3D Collective HDRI will work

Music from Mansij - Passionate Choices

Special thanks to Movafilm for the shoot and support!

Check the video below:

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