3D Community News | Martedì, 09 Luglio 2024
3DRedBox - Texturing A Shawl In Substance Painter

Explore the process of adding realistic details to a 3D shawl using Substance Painter. This video offers key tips and techniques to enhance your 3D texturing skills, perfect for all skill levels. Bring your creations to life now!

Using Substance Painter to texture cloth is an enjoyable and straightforward method to add realistic details to models. In this video, Milad Kambari demonstrates how to make a scarf from the base mesh collection appear shiny. The process begins by applying a fabric pattern from the 9th collection to give depth to the inner part of the scarf. Then, the default stitches tool in Painter, along with his personal beadwork tool, is used to add borders and intricate details. After setting up all the parameters, the main pattern is modified. For this project, Milad used Midjourney to create the pattern. The final step is to combine the design with the beadwork tool to make the pattern stand out.

All the tools used in this video can be found below:

Additionally, a brand new course for Substance Painter, "Substance Master Course," has been released. Here are some details: Substance Painter Master Course.

This 23-hour narrated Substance Painter tutorial features six projects, guided by instructor Mehdi Beheshti, a professional with over four years of experience teaching CG software to more than 2000 students. As a top seller on ArtStation Marketplace for three years, Mehdi brings his expertise to help learners master Substance Painter on an exciting journey.

Watch the video tutorial on how to texture a shawl in Substance Painter below:

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