3D Community News | Jueves, 21 Marzo 2024
Ephere - Ragnar AI For 3ds Max

Ephere has recently released Ragnar plugin, an AI assistant for 3ds Max Users. 

This is an overview video of the Ragnar AI helper plugin for 3dsmax. You can create strategies, adjust commands, persist changes across sessions, and more.

Level up your 3ds Max workflow with Ragnar, an AI-powered assistant that understands your commands. Trained on a vast knowledge base, Ragnar connects to Ephere's server and springs into action with a valid user key. Simply tell it what you want, like creating a grid of boxes with specific dimensions and spacing (just like in the video!).

Ragnar is more than just a follower. It remembers the context of your commands, building a history that lets you tackle complex workflows with ease. Need to undo something? No problem. Ragnar keeps a clear record of every action, allowing you to rewind with ease.

Want to improve Ragnar's performance? Give it a thumbs up when it delivers the results you crave. This feedback loop helps the AI learn and adapt to your needs. Plus, you can create reusable "strategies" – collections of commands for specific tasks – that you and your collaborators with the same key can share and access across sessions and devices.

A few things are missing from the video:
- You can cut/fix commands at any point by typing in a new one
- You can make any scene changes you want between Ragnar commands

For more information, please visit Ephere’s website.

Ephere is an innovative company that is all about making great software. Software with user satisfaction as its primary goal, making everyday routines go smooth and stress-free. We do this by understanding the market needs and applying our extensive experience and know-how to every project—big or small. This makes for great products combined with our clients' unique and specific needs.

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