3D Community News | Jueves, 06 Abril 2023
Archviz Tools - Backdrop Generator 2.0

Archviz Tools has released Backdrop Generator 2.0, an updated version of its commercial 3DS Max script for quickly adding HDRIs and 2D backgrounds to a scene.

Archviz Tools is back! Again :)

The new Backdrop Generator 2.0 brings new features that will make our lives easier.

New features are:

- Environment Lighting - Quick load HDRI

- New Backdrop Presets - New library and new usage

- Custom Backdrop loading - JPEG and PNG input supported

- Backdrop Window

- Horizon line

Check the video now!

Archviz Tools was founded by Wuan Hyu who is a Vietnamese architect / CG artist and founder of CGTricks. He has a great passion for creating useful tools & scripts that make our lives easier.

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