3D Community News | Martes, 16 Mayo 2023
Arch Viz Artist - 10 must-have AI tools for 3D artists!

Arch Viz Artist just released a new video showcasing very cool AI tools that can be of help to 3D artists!

Check the video and get all the tips and tricks from Aga!

⏱️ Timestamps

0:00 Intro
0:12 ChatGPT for Scripting 
1:24 Background removal 
1:56 AI image enlarger
2:39 Notion AI for writing
 3:33 ChatGPT
4:59 Midjourney
5:49 Adobe Photoshop
6:44 Khroma
7:55 With Poly
9:01 Luma AI

Check the video now!

Arch Viz Artist is dedicated to sharing knowledge of architecture, graphics, and architectural visualization.

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