3D Community News | sexta-feira, 07 abril 2023
CG Tricks - wParallax quick start tutorial

CG Tricks just released a very interesting video tutorial explaining how to use wParallax maps in 3DS Max!

A few months ago, wParallax released its set of handy wParallax maps.

With the power of OSL (Open Shading Language) and a wonderful script called JIWindowbox, it is now possible to create realistic fake interiors, saving you tons of time in the process! 

The Parallax effect is often used in video games to optimize scene performance, and is now available for the Archviz industry!

Parallax OSL is a new method that uses just a single polygon to show an entire room.

CG Tricks video is about how to quick-start-and-use wParallax maps to speed up your workflow in 3DS Max!

Check the video now!

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