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3D Community News | segunda-feira, 12 junho 2023
ArchvizTools - Quick Clouds Generator v1.0

ArchvizTools just released Quick Clouds Generator 1.0, an awesome script for 3DS Max/V-Ray/Corona script that is efficient in automatically creating sun/ sky & clouds.

It can be applied flexibly in Archviz projects while saving a lot of time for 3D Artists.

The script is compatible with 3DSMax 2018 & higher, V-Ray 6 & Corona Renderer 9 & higher. Also, the script is compatible with System Units: Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters, Inches & Feet.

Check the video below!

Archviz Tools was founded by Wuan Hyu who is a Vietnamese architect / CG artist and founder of CGTricks. He has a great passion for creating useful tools & scripts that make our lives easier.

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