3D Community News | Martedì, 30 Aprile 2024
Raw Textures - A High-Resolution 3D Scan Library

Raw-Textures has recently launched a new texture website that provides road scans with areas of 40X7 meters and several resolutions for each bundle up to 128k!

Raw-Textures: These road textures libraries leverage UDIM technology to provide high-quality textures for large-scale areas. They excel in both distant and close-up views, which is ideal for projects demanding a realistic rendering of road surfaces and other extensive details. Whether for urban simulations, virtual reality, film productions, or immersive gaming environments, their UDIM-enhanced textures ensure meticulous rendering of every detail.

Using Raw-Textures' UDIM-compatible library means choosing high-resolution, well-organized textures that meet the rigorous demands of today’s 3D content creation. This improves the aesthetic quality of projects and ensures a streamlined and effective texturing process, making them invaluable tools for 3D artists pushing the boundaries of digital visualization. With the added benefits of advanced gaming engine technologies like texture streaming, Raw-Textures guarantees an unprecedented visual experience that amazes viewers.

Get a €25 free trial for high-speed rendering now!