3D Community News | Martedì, 25 Giugno 2024
Marvelous Designer 2024.1: Unveiling Cutting-Edge AI Features

In an exciting update, Clo introduces AI-powered tools in Marvelous Designer 2024.1. Featured in a new YouTube tutorial, these tools streamline texture creation, graphic application, and PBR map generation, revolutionizing digital fashion design. Explore these innovations and elevate your creative process!

Clo Virtual Fashion has introduced several beta tools for Marvelous Designer that leverage AI technology. The AI Texture Generator lets users type in keywords to create various texture images for new fabric designs. Users can choose a fabric, adjust parameters, and input text prompts to generate and preview texture images. Currently, this feature supports prompts in English.

The AI Graphic Generator works in a similar manner, allowing users to apply graphics to patterns using keywords. Users can add graphic images to patterns, specify content types, and generate graphics, which are saved in the history for future use. These generated graphics can be modified for transformation, rotation, and scaling.

The PBR Map Generator facilitates the automatic creation and application of PBR maps from imported texture images. Users can apply graphic images to patterns, generate normal maps, and adjust their intensity. The generated maps—including displacement, opacity, roughness, and metalness maps—are automatically saved and can be used on various design elements like fabrics, buttons, and trims.

Furthermore, the Trim Window feature offers a specialized interface for managing trims, akin to the management of fabrics and buttons. Users can import trim styles, add files to the trim window, and directly apply or replace trim styles within the 3D window.

For more information, visit Clo Virtual Fashion’s website.

Explore the video tutorials below for all the information included in this amazing update for both versions:

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