June 12th, 2010: Farminizer 2.0 now also supports Maxwell Render, Modo and Lightwave 3D.

The free software Farminizer, for easy integration of the REBUS render farm into 3D applications, is now available as version 2.0. The update implements additional 3D apps and brings a big bunch of little enhancements for the apps that has been supported already. The Farminizer now supports:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max with Vray, Mental Ray, Final Render, Scanline and Distributed Render
  • Maxon Cinema 4D with Vray, Advanced Render und Standard Render
  • Next Limit Maxwell Render ++ NEW! ++
  • Luxology modo ++ NEW! ++
  • Newtek Lightwave ++ NEW! ++

Furthermore our Manager Software has been redesigned and a lot of new features and improvements were added. Here's an overview of the main changes:

  • Userinterface appr. 8 times faster
  • Bulletproof up- and download
  • Ability to handle lost or terminated connections

About REBUSfarm

REBUSfarm is a spin-off to REBUSmedia (see www.rebus-media.de). The company has been founded in Cologne in 2006, by André Konnopasch and Ralph Huchtemann, and leads the market in Europe. REBUSfarm aims at fulfilling the growing need of rendering power in the field of 3D-animation. REBUSfarm supports a wide range of 3D applications. This includes so-called host-applications, as well as secondary rendering applications. Furthermore REBUSfarm aims at offering the biggest possible rendering capacity at the most affordable price, while maintaining service oriented contact to the customer.