3D Community News | Martedì, 04 Aprile 2023
Architecture Topics - Free insanely good Blender Addons!

Architecture Topics recently released a very cool video bringing forward a bunch of free awesome Blender Addons!

In this video, you will get a bit deeper insight into a bunch of awesome Blender Addons that are available for free!

Follow along and get informed!


0:00 Introduction
0:22 Differential Growth
01:01 KH-Tools
01:35 Sound Nodes
02:16 Blend Em
02:46 BlockBlender
03:13 DeepBump
03:57 PBR Materials using AI
04:36 Cell Fracture
05:11 Action Recorder
05:44 Rig Camera
06:04 Like & Sub

Check the video now!

Architecture Topics is a Youtube-based source of free tutorials and free assets for CGI artists.

Get a €25 free trial for high-speed rendering now!