Wednesday, April 20th, 2022: 3D Community News

Shawn Wang - New mind-blowing Procedural World Generator Prototype

Shawn Wang, animation director & CG Generalist, has recently shown a sneak peek of his new Procedural World Generator Prototype, done with the power of Houdini procedural modeling and rendered in redshift renderer.

In this small demo, he demonstrates some of his mind-blowing system capabilities such as:

  • Road Prop Generator. It can create signs, bumps, stoppers, traffic lights, and a lot more.
  • OverPass Generator. It generates road surfaces, pillars, and props procedurally.
  • Building Generator. It can create a variation of buildings with different heights and shapes.
  • Vehicles Handmade models. Procedural details, materials, and assembly.
  • License Plate Generator. It randomly applies car plate numbers to each vehicle.
  • Vehicles Suspension Rig. It can generate a real suspension motion for the vehicles. 

This is still a “work in progress” project and it will offer a lot more in the future.

Enjoy the demo below:


Shawn Wang, an animation director, and CG Generalist working and living in Shanghai, with a great passion to create narrative CGI content with a camera, developing new worlds, characters, and stories.