RebusFarm News | Miércoles, 12 Octubre 2022
Blender 3.31 support

You can now use the latest version of Blender 3.31 at RebusFarm.

The Blender foundation and the online developer community are proud to present the first long-term support release of the 3.x series.

Endless possibilities with a new hair grooming system, featuring Sculpt mode and support for Geometry Nodes

Sculpt mode tools:

Add/Delete, Density, Comb, Snake Hook, Pinch, Puff, Smooth, and Slide.


  • Sculpt on top of curves deformed with Geometry Nodes
  • Snap to the nearest or deformed mesh surface
  • Supports EEVEE and Cycles
  • Curves sculpt mode supports selecting control points or curves
  • Spreadsheet Editor filter by selected Curves or Points
  • Symmetry support in X, Y, Z axes
  • Select Random, Select Endpoints, and Grow/Shrink selection operators

Image Credits: Piotr Krynski

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