3D Community News | Jueves, 12 Enero 2023
Arch Viz Artist - 10 Tips for faster workflow in 3DS Max!

Arch Viz Artist released an excellent video tutorial about tips for faster workflow in 3DS Max!

Speed is all we need! Both in rendering and in workflow too!

In this video, Agnieszka explains handy tips for improving your workflow in 3DS Max.

With these steps, your production process of creating visualizations will be way faster.

⏱️ Timestamps

0:00 Intro
0:12 Set up the workspace
1:15 Use shortcuts
2:27 Use quads
3:05 Use scripts
4:19 Use plugins
5:10 Automate your work
5:45 Use the Slate Material Editor
6:17 Set up the library
6:53 Be organized
7:42 Control your file size

Enjoy watching this awesome video tutorial now!

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