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Tuesday, March 1st, 2022: 3D Community News 

The Gnomon Workshop – Using SpeedTree to create Hi-Res custom trees

The Gnomon Workshop has recently released a great workshop for creating custom High-Res trees using Speedtree 9 software.  

In this 3.5 hours tutorial, you can learn how to generate complex-looking trees by using Speedtree 9. It is considered an intermediate-level tutorial, using Maya, Houdini, Speed Tree, and Redshift to achieve the final look.

Some of the chapters described in this workshop are:

  • Generating the main trunk, branches, and leaves.
  • Growing the Roots.
  • Exporting the Tree into Houdini with textures.
  • Procedurally instance a leaf using point cloud in Houdini.
  • Creating leaf shader in Houdini.
  • Exporting and setting up shaders of the tree in Maya.
  • Final montage output using SpeedTree, Houdini, ZBrush and Guerilla Render.

The Gnomon Workshop offers two subscription types. Monthly ($49/month) or yearly ($490/year) to access all their workshops. There is also 25% bonus discount for active Gnomon’s Workshop subscribers, which will expire on May 16, 2022.

For more details about this interesting workshop click HERE.

Enjoy watching this amazing 2-minutes demonstration video, created by Jean Michel Bihorel.


Jean Michel Bihorel, a French 3D artist, has been working in the film industry and commercials since 2008, as a generalist and look-dev lighting supervisor. He has great experience in the whole production pipeline.

The Gnomon workshop was founded by Alex Alvarez in 2000 and it was established as a professional replacement for the award-winning Gnomon School in Hollywood, California.