Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021: 3D Community News 

SiNi Software - 1.24.0 New Update

SiNi Software has announced the release of their latest Sini-Plugin Update 1.24.0, a 3ds Max plugin for all productive artists.

What is new in this update:

  • Support of Redshift and Chaos Vray Scene (.vrscene).
  • Desipher, Scatter, and SiClone support for standard Redshift rendering only.
  • Illumi HDRI wizard has a new setup to add multiple file paths to HDRI libraries.
  • Its preview now includes an exposure control to view HDRI correctly.
  • It supports both Redshift rendering and IPR.
  • All the plugins currently support V-Ray 5.2 (interactive rendering, Vray Scene, Chaos cloud rendering, and Chaos Vantage.)

SiNi Software has an extensive collection of plugins for Architecture visualization files and scene management. They are instrumental in handling big scenes, fixing imported CAD/BIM data, lighting relinking maps, scattering, cloning, arraying, and many more.

You can try a 30-Days Free Trial HERE, and you can get all their tools for an All-Access subscription for £15 Monthly or £180 Yearly.

Enjoy watching this 3-minutes short demo below:


SiNi Software is a leading developer of Autodesk® 3ds Max® plugins, Headquarter in London UK, founded in 2016 by Nigel Hunt (the CEO and Cofounder) and Josh. They offer a lot of plugins such as ProxSi, SiClone, ScAtter, DeSipher, ForenSic, IgNite, Disperse, 3ds Max, SiNiScript, which a lot of big clients use in their daily workflow (Foster+Partners, Recent Spaces, Kilograph, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Neoscape, The Boundary and many others.)