Thursday, January 13th, 2022: 3D Film News 

Relativity  - A 2021 Graduation Film from ARTFX School

ARTFX has published a CGI, 3D animated graduation short film called ”Relativity“ in 2021.

The story describes an interesting topic, Relativity and light speed. Adam is the first astronaut who approaches lightspeed on board of spaceship Myriss, the first experience for mankind, a one-way journey.

 Many software have been used in this amazing masterpiece, (Maya, Houdini, Nuke, V-ray, Mantra, Keentools, Resolve, VEX, Photoshop, Mari, Substance Painter, Abode Suite, ZBrush, After Effects, Reality Capture, Python, Rokoko Studio, Marvelous Designer, Neat Video, Cura, Shotgun and Sublime.) 

Enjoy watching this exciting 2-minutes journey below:


As a bonus, also check the behind the scenes making-of video:


ARTFX is an international School of Cinema, Special effects, Animation, and Video Games based in France (Lille, Paris, and Montpellier). In 2021, it was recognized by the Rookies as the number one school for special effects and animation for three consequent years.

Directors: Hugo Astesano, Loïc Ciaux, Guillaume Hulot, Benjamin Matthys, Victor Piquemal, Jules Rebuffat, Loïc Remy.
Specialists: Esteban Boudailles, Auriane Bertil, Mathilda Colli, Hugo Martial.