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Monday, February 7th, 2022: 3D Community News 

CG BBQ - What Is Coming in Corona 8

Tom, from CG BBQ, has shared with the CGI community an amazing video for what is coming in the new version of Corona Renderer 8.

This video is based on Corona 8 Daily Build, fourth of January update, and some of the new upcoming features are:

  • Decal object. Add a decal effect on your models, useful for making street markings and more.
  • Slicer material. A smart way to slice objects, and easily apply a different material to the cap.
  • New UVW randomization mode. By polygon mode and each polygon gets a different map.
  • Chaos Scatter. Substitute of corona scatter with support for include and exclude splines and more.
  • Tail parameter. An add-on to corona physical material to enhance the reflections.


Enjoy watching these 8-minutes of exciting, upcoming new features below:

CG BBQ, a youtube channel created by Tom and Michael, consists of experienced 3D artists in many fields of 3D world, sharing their daily recipe of tips and tricks for 3DS Max users.