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cloud rendering

  • 2023年3月09日, 星期四 Introduction image with abstract figures and the article title

    Online render farms have become an increasingly popular option for artists and companies seeking to render high-quality images and animations quickly and efficiently. However, using an online render farm can also come with security risks. Data loss, data theft, and data corruption are all potential concerns that can have significant consequences for your business. To mitigate these risks, choosing a reputable and reliable render farm that offers strong security measures such as encryption, regular backups, and data redundancy is crucial. Additionally, regularly monitoring your account, using a VPN, and keeping your software up-to-date can all help ensure the safety of your data.

    We invite you to read more details about the risks and how to prevent them in this article.


  • 2023年2月16日, 星期四 Introduction Image for tips and ticks to submit a job to a render farm

    We know the importance of getting your render job right whenever you submit it to a render farm. That is why we have created this article, which gathers different tips and tricks that you help to have a very smooth and efficient process when using an online render farm.

    To ensure that your project renders without any issues and in a timely manner make sure to stay organized, double-check settings, and maintain communication with the render farm's support team, among other helpful steps, do you want to know the rest? We invite you to read the full article.


  • 2023年2月14日, 星期二 Work-life balance

    I used to be able to focus on a task for hours at a time. As a kid, I could sit down with my homework and not get up until it was done. This was partly because there wasn't much else in my life, but mostly because I didn't get bored easily. These days, though? Things are different now. I can barely stay focused on one task before finding something else more interesting than what's in front of me. But this doesn't have to be an insurmountable problem; you can train your brain so that it stays focused again! Here are some tips and tricks for staying in the zone:


  • 2023年2月09日, 星期四 Advantages of cloud rendering

    Cloud rendering services have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to provide a number of advantages for CGI artists. In this article, we'll cover what cloud rendering is and its main advantages, which include cost savings, scalability, flexibility, and ease of use.


  • 2023年2月02日, 星期四  Image with the article title; How to render a Maya project with a render farm

    Rendering is a crucial step in the 3D animation and visual effects production process, but it can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. One way to speed up the rendering process and reduce the strain on a single computer is to use a render farm.

    A render farm is a group of computers that work together to render an image or an animation. Distributing the rendering workload across multiple machines can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete a rendering job.

    In this guide, we will explain how to use a render farm to render a Maya project.


  • 2023年1月26日, 星期四 rendered black globe

    Whether it is your first time hearing the term or if you are familiar with it, it is perfectly normal to have questions about such a big subject, we have all been there. In this article, we will make sure to answer the most popular questions about render farms.


  • 2023年1月19日, 星期四 server center of a render farm

    You want to start being more efficient and get the benefits of using a render farm, but it all seems confusing when you do your research. In this article, you will find a ranking of render farms with the features and prices so you can make a better choice to get your projects done.


  • 2023年1月16日, 星期一 Work-life balance

    If you're reading this article, it's likely that you've already got a freelance business going. And if that's the case, congratulations! But like most entrepreneurs, no matter how successful your company gets, there will always be new challenges to face and obstacles to overcome. What that means for you is that as long as you're running a business (and not just working for someone else), there will never be a time when it can't benefit from your attention and creativity.


  • 2023年1月13日, 星期五

    Scalability is an important factor of a render farm since it lets you modify the size and resources of your rendering network to meet various project demands. Having a scalable render farm is essential for achieving the best results and boosting your productivity. Read this article to find out 7 reasons why scalability is so important for render farms.


  • 2023年1月11日, 星期三 3D rendering of a glass building

    Render farms have come a long way since their inception, and the future looks bright for this industry. From increased rendering speed and improved quality to greater efficiency and scalability, render farms have revolutionized the way 3D animators and visual effects artists create high-quality visuals. In this article, we will analyze predictions and trends for the future of render farms.


  • 2023年1月05日, 星期四 cables connected to render nodes

    A render farm is a strong instrument that makes producing high-quality 3D outcomes more effective, but finding the one that fits your needs may be a bit tricky. To assist you in the selection process we put together this guide that helps you find the render farm for your personal and professional rendering needs.


  • 2023年1月03日, 星期二 Rendered cubes with light

    As a 3D artist, you should be familiar with how time-consuming and resource-intensive the rendering process can be. That is where a render farm comes in. A render farm is a network of computers that are dedicated to rendering 3D animations and visual effects, and it can be a powerful tool for boosting your productivity and streamlining your workflow. Continue reading to learn about 8 benefits of using a render farm for your 3D animations.


  • 2022年12月30日, 星期五 Hardware in a render farm

    If you want to produce high-quality visuals more quickly, a render farm is a crucial tool for 3D and visual effects artists. Before you start to set up your render farm read this article that provides you with 6 significant steps to take to maximize your render farm's effectiveness and achieving the best outcomes.


  • 2022年12月22日, 星期四 Image of a render farm

    Have you ever been in a need to use an online render farm, but hesitated because you don’t know how much it will end up costing you? This article will help you know the cost of rendering on an online render farm.


  • 2022年12月12日, 星期一 Work-life balance

    The daily life of an artist is pretty stressful. That is because many creative individuals focus more on being busy than being efficient.

    For this reason, we want to share with you in this article, easy tips and tricks you can do right away to be more productive and less stressed.


  • 2022年12月01日, 星期四 server of a render farm

    When starting in the render farm world, there are many options you can choose from, which might result in a confusing process for you. In this article, we summed up all the current great render farms, so you can get to know them a little better and choose the perfect fit for you!


  • 2022年11月10日, 星期四

    Have you ever wondered if renting a render farm is worth it in terms of money and time? This article helps you know if a render farm is a good choice for your projects.

    If you really want to know: Yes, a render farm has many benefits that always make it worth it for you to invest in one. We invite you to keep reading to learn why.

    Is a render farm worth it?


  • 2022年10月27日, 星期四 Data center of a render farm

    We understand that sometimes there are big projects with small budgets plus deadlines and you may find yourself unable to afford a render farm. This article will explain in detail if there is such a thing as a free render farm and how can a render farm be your ally in terms of costs.

    To give you a brief explanation, as there might be very few (close to none) free render farms for certain 3D software, the truth is that all render farms have a cost in order to stay available for users. If you want to know more about how to render on a commercial render farm with a budget, stay with us on this article.


  • Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

    What is cloud rendering?

    Cloud rendering is the process of calculating 3D images/animations on a render farm which is incredibly faster than rendering on a single computer system. These render farms are specialized in the calculation of computer generated images (CGI). Next to the speed, cloud rendering has further benefits. Read the full article for more detailed information.

    More detailed explanation


  • Monday, March 23rd, 2020

    Image of a render farm with the title: What is a Render Farm?

    Ever hear the word 'render farm' and wondered what it is? This article will explain, in detail, what a render farm is and how it works.

    A render farm is a computer system/data center that is specialized in the calculation of computer-generated images (CGI). It's mainly used to create films, visual effects, as well as, architectural visualizations. Read our article for an in-depth explanation.