June 19th 2011: New data center with 20GBit/s redundant connection

REBUSfarm opens its new data center with internet backbone. Here some interesting details:

  • Connected directly with 20 GBit/s to the internet.
  • Automatic alarm device.
  • Fire detection system with access to the fire department.
  • Video surveillance.
  • Diesel emergency power aggregate.
  • Redundant fibre optical network.
  • USV: 240.000 VA.
  • Fingerprint locking system.

the extremly fast connection affects the uploading and downloading of your renderjobs. Concerning security and USV power supply, we installed the currently technically feasible.

About REBUSfarm

REBUSfarm is a spin-off to REBUSmedia (see www.rebus-media.de). The company has been founded in Cologne in 2006, by André Konnopasch and Ralph Huchtemann, and leads the market in Europe. REBUSfarm aims at fulfilling the growing need of rendering power in the field of 3D-animation. REBUSfarm supports a wide range of 3D applications. This includes so-called host-applications, as well as secondary rendering applications. Furthermore REBUSfarm aims at offering the biggest possible rendering capacity at the most affordable price, while maintaining service oriented contact to the customer.